Bombardier Global Express XRS Enters Service

Bombardier today announced the entry into customer service of its new flagship business jet, the ultra-long range Bombardier Global Express XRS jet. The first aircraft departed Bombardier’s Global completion center on November 25, 2005 and European launch customer, Transneft, an oil transportation management company, accepted the second aircraft on December 6, 2005.

Launched in October 2003, the new Global Express XRS business jet delivers a combination of speed and range that is unmatched by any other aircraft in its category. At a cruise speed of Mach 0.88, the aircraft can fly Frankfurt-Beijing in eight hours and 41 minutes and Moscow-Tokyo in eight hours and 22 minutes.

“We are impressed by the superb cabin, outstanding performance and sophistication of the new Global Express XRS,” said Sergei Grigoriev, vice-president of OJSC AK Transneft.

“The aircraft’s superior range and comfort are key to meet our regional and intercontinental mission requirements.”

Ahead of the originally scheduled entry into service date of first quarter of 2006, these Global Express XRS aircraft deliveries highlight the continued success of the Global aircraft platform and represent the fifth major program milestone this year.

* January 16, 2005, first flight of the Global Express XRS business jet

* April 18, 2005, first Bombardier Global 5000 aircraft entered customer service

* August 11, 2005, Bombardier Enhanced Vision System certified for use on the Global Express business jet by Transport Canada. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration granted its approval on August 26 followed by the European Aviation Safety Agency on September 16

* August 26, 2005, 150th Global aircraft entered customer service

“The Global Express XRS aircraft superior cabin size, speed and range combination make it the preferred choice for international operators,” said Jahid Fazal-Karim, senior vice-president, new aircraft sales, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

Aircraft’s superior cabin provides ultimate comfort and space
The Global Express XRS cabin — the largest of any purpose-built corporate aircraft either flying or in development — offers 28 per cent more cabin volume and 45 per cent more floor space than its closest competitor. Designed to provide a highly productive working environment and deliver ultimate comfort, the cabin features a 6-foot, 3-inch (1.91 m) stand up height, and a three-compartment configuration.

A superior cabin ambiance is achieved through the addition of two cabin windows, along with enlarged window reveals, providing a 183 per cent increase in unrestricted viewing area and ambient lighting. Light emitting diode lighting technology is featured throughout the cabin and passengers and crew will enjoy the improved cabin pressurization, allowing for a 4,500-foot (1,372 m) cabin altitude at flight level 450 (FL450) and a 5,680-foot (1,731 m) cabin altitude at FL510 – the lowest of any commercial aircraft.

Also standard on the Global Express XRS business jet is the Bombardier Enhanced Vision System (BEVS), which reduces the risk of controlled flight into terrain, runway incursions at night or during low visibility conditions and increases overall depth perception in difficult operating conditions and/or at unfamiliar airports.

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